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I’m a DTG printer also, Just like YOU! As well as an old school screen printer from hand pull thousands of shirts up to an 8 over 6 M&R Sportsman and M&R Saturn Flatbed press! I know design to darkroom, to screen exposures, meshes, you name it I know it - 40 years in the industry as a Master Screen Printer. But that was all changed when I purchased my Brother DTG.

I didn’t experience a real problem with some of the garments being stained from the existing pretreats currently being sold.

I’m just dropping my revolutionary perfectly clear transparent and amazing HENDRIXSON GOLD PRETREAT for dark or light 100% cotton shirts for VIBRANT WHITES as well as Bright pop off colors on lighter color shirts!

My team has spent the last six months formulating an incredible ‘pretreat’ private formula of higher grade ingredients that is so fresh its in batches that are lab produced as they are being shipped out the door.

This is an ART industry not an industrial bucket to bucket of milky chemical that doesn’t usually apply evenly and can leave that atrocious frosty looking splotches around on the face of the garment print area.

When that first happened to me I threw the shirts away and kept trying. I kept paying for what the pre-treat machine I purchased was supposed to make a smooth operation did. The bad thing about that expensive machine I hated was it kept thoroughly soaking the entire shirt front and back because the garment had to lay on top of the platen. Finally I threw out the pretreat machine and began to use a Wagner due to greater visual control, speed and ease. Also no clogged nozzles to keep replacing and constantly cleaning.

I also had a problem with the outrageous prices and paying for the shipping of heavy gallon jugs when they were 95% water.

So I invented an amazing CONCENTRATE THAT IS CLEAR and instead of a gallon, I’m shipping you a pint of full embodied formula that you can simply add to your own jug of water and you are instantly good to go!

And the best part! The price! Only $19.95 for the same ONE GALLON we were paying (me as well as you) anywhere from $50 to $80 a gallon and then the exorbitant shipping! Especially the time I stocked up with the 5 gallon cubetainer that cost me way over $250.


100% Comfort Cotton. All inks are Eco-Friendly, water base, with no plastic feel to them, Made in USA,

Care Instructions

wash inside out with non chlorine bleach.

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